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Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Favorite Youtubers

1) bubzbeauty
My top fav youtuber,Bubzbeauty,I love her style,she makes me to get more cute

2) Apandalover212
I'm always visit her youtube to see her update.I love her videos especially
hair tutorial,so simple.5 star 4 her. :D

3) SM Entertainment
best entertainment ever.can't wait 4 SuJu,Shinee,DBSK,SNSD and f(x) new songs :)

4) Official U-kiss
most fav boyband group,Ukiss.I love Dongho,Alexender,Eli,Kibeom,kevin and kiseop
<3 Don't 4get to kiss me guys XP

5) Jenningyou
This user upload kpop music so fast!so I can see new latest update. :)
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